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Integrated Quality Management (IQM) takes its cue from the company’s corporate philosophy. It is reflected in occupational health & safety and environmental protection, in client satisfaction and operational efficiency, and in the following working principles (arranged hierarchically):

1. Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection:

Occupational health & safety and environmental protection are of utmost importance for all of WALO’s products and services. In addition to the applicable statutory regulations, with which the group complies at all times, WALO has also committed to various non-statutory requirements. In order to prevent occupational accidents and diseases as well as environmental pollution, the group organises training courses, issues internal instructions, and ensures that the latter are followed. The group aims to continuously improve on its efforts as regards occupational safety at work and environmental protection.


2. Client Satisfaction:

Client satisfaction is understood to mean achieving the best possible fit between the requirements of the client and the service delivery of the group. Through steady improvement of its products and services, the WALO Group strives to provide the best possible quality and to surpass the expectations of its clients.


3. Operational Efficiency:

All group activities must comply with the principle of operational efficiency. This requires the optimal preparation and implementation of all processes and procedures.

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